Yacht Charter Antibes


Admire the heart of the French Riviera from the sea with a yacht charter in Antibes from ATI Yachts

You want to enjoy yourself by renting a yacht in Antibes ? We explain everything you need to know.

The heart of the French Riviera from the sea with a yacht charter in Antibes

The Vauban harbor is home to yachts and luxury boats on which residents and tourists alike love to sail. You too can make your dream escape a reality with our yacht rental in Antibes. We put at your disposal our luxury yachts, adapted to all needs and budgets. You want to treat yourself by renting a yacht in Antibes ? We explain everything you need to know about renting from ATI Yachts, your charter company. yacht charter Antibes in the Alpes Maritimes !

You can rent a motorboat in Antibes from 2000euros per day! Contact our team if you want a boat in Antibes in the Alpes Maritimes !

The different types of yachts for rent in Antibes

The The yacht models available for rent in Antibes differ in length, but are all very well made. Their driving quality and their equipment will give you complete satisfaction! From 9 meters to almost 20 meters in length, our first range of yachts can comfortably accommodate 6 to 12 passengers, ideal for touring the Cap d’Antibes from the port of Antibes.


These cruisers are suitable for all festive family or friendly occasions (birthdays, family reunions …), or simply for the best of the sea rides! They are perfect for day rentals, or a few magical days and nights of relaxation, if they have a cabin. The larger models can offer one to three cabins, with kitchenette and integrated shower, come with skipper and desired fishing, diving or water skiing equipment.

The following range of Antibes boats includes a fleet, sailing or motor, whose length is between 20 and 40 meters. For large tribes or space lovers, they are able to accommodate between 6 and 28 passengers. The larger models are supplied with two crew members. They are perfect if you want to rent a yacht for a team building or for a sea trip with family or friends.

The 40 to 60 meter yachts, with sails or motors, can accommodate about ten passengers and have a number of comfortable cabins in relation to this number. They are suitable for long trips on the blue sea, in optimal comfort considerations. The crew can include about ten people.

Finally, yachts of 60 meters and more are suitable for unlimited dreams, or for corporate events (e.g. end of year party for executives). They accommodate between 12 and 30 passengers, in conditions of great comfort. The beautiful coastline of the Antibes region is yours alone!


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We accompany you in the creation of your stay or your high end nautical event. Just tell us your wishes and we will make them come true.

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You want to rent a yacht in Antibes ? Then contact us!

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You will find in Antibes, in the Alpes Maritimes, the Vauban port, the magnificent villas of Antibes and you will be close to the bay of Cannes and Sain Tropez which are the leading destinations of the Mediterranean Sea!

Yacht charter in Antibes

Antibes, a pearl in a sunny setting, has a magnificent bay and harbor, ideal for yacht charter. It will offer its beauties to whoever wants to take it, if you realize your plans for a sea trip with our services. We will study your requests with the greatest attention. Your cruise project will allow you to invest the horizon, beyond the superb view that can be had from the villa Eilenroc or the customs path. Our experience and a quality fleet are at your disposal to meet the most demanding requirements of the yacht charter in Antibes. We are here to listen to you! And we will satisfy you.

To do so, you will just have to visit us in Antibes, just next to Juan les pins, or to expose us by mail or by phone your requests.

We will be pleased to meet your expectations and guide you in your choice of yacht, equipment, activities and even sea routes. Just contact us, and your maritime project, whether it is a sport, an event or an access to relaxation, will be a success, for you and your loved ones! You will give them unforgettable memories.

To do so, you just have to visit us in Antibes, or to expose us by mail or by phone your requests. We will be pleased to meet your expectations and guide you in your choice of yacht, equipment, activities and even sea routes. Just contact us, and your project will be maritimeWhether it’s for sports, events or relaxation, it will be a success for you and your loved ones! You will give them unforgettable memories.


Discover the beauty of the French Riviera from the Port Vauban

The departure of your trip is from the Vauban harbor in Antibes, from which the boat rental offers magnificent sailing areas, all very pleasant: the bay of the billionaires at the Cap d’Antibes, the Lerins Islands in Cannes, and all the Côte d’Azur coastline, depending on the type of boat rented. Leave on board a luxury yacht rented from ATI Yachts and enjoy all the splendor of the French Riviera. The Lerins Islands, including the exceptional Sainte-Marguerite Island and its breathtaking landscape are a must! Excursions and strolls on the paradisiacal islands of the Blue Coast await you! Combine pleasure and discovery by spending a few hours visiting the Cistercian monastery on Saint-Honorat Island. Apart from the beauty of the buildings there, you will love to taste the wines and liqueurs produced by the monks. Then enjoy the blue waters and heavenly beaches of the islands of Saint-Honorat and Sainte-Marguerite. In the evening, you can dine in the bay of Cannes, in St Tropez, or in Monaco. The Cap d’Antibes is an exceptional place that stands out for its natural environment that has remained wild. It is also known for its luxurious villas, bars, restaurants and trendy nightclubs. Everyone will be able to find their favorite leisure activities here. Juan les Pins and its Jazz festival which is held every July will delight all music lovers! So many activities and leisure activities to discover to fully enjoy your yacht charter at ATI Yachts.

Our team will accompany and assist you in the realization of your project. Whether you are planning a day trip or a multi-day sailing trip, we will help you prepare your itinerary to discover the best destinations on the French Riviera. The skippers and the entire team on board are at your disposal to provide you with professional, high quality and personalized services to ensure your comfort during the navigation. Lovers of nature and navigation, our team will organize beautiful maritime excursions for a better experience on board a yacht in the bay of Antibes. You will be able to enjoy a real moment of relaxation thanks to our yacht charter Antibes.

Luxury yacht rental in Antibes

Want to take to the sea on a luxury yacht? Are you looking for a boat in Antibes in the Alpes Maritimes ? Our yacht charter offer in Antibes and boat rental Antibes will meet all requirements! You can lounge in the spacious, upscale cabins, sip a good cocktail in the lounge, or spend some quality time with your loved ones thanks to the various water activities offered. Jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, etc… there is something for everyone. Our experienced crews offer you their quality service on board the yacht. All crew members of our yachts are handpicked to ensure exceptional service. You will forget the routines of everyday life for the time of the navigation! If you rent a yacht in Antibes for a party, your guests will be satisfied. Personalize your stay on board our Antibes yacht!

Indeed, we are at your disposal to plan your sea trips quickly and efficiently. The choice of the charter yacht, the destinations as well as the crew members will be chosen according to your desires, so contact us as soon as possible!

Thanks to our years of experience and our passion for the yachting industry, we can guarantee you the perfect outing. Our fleet of luxury yachts and motorboats allows us to offer you the perfect yacht charter in Antibes. Don’t wait any longer to rent a motorboat in Antibes in the Alpes Maritimes. Discover also our customer reviews on our website to give you more information about boat rental in Antibes and luxury yachts.

Boat rental in Antibes from 1000€/day

Renting a motorboat or a yacht, no matter what type of boat, is possible with ATI Yachts. You will be able to leave quickly, with or without a license to the port cros, the bay of the angels of Villeneuve Loubet, Saint Tropez, or Juan les Pins. Rent a boat in Antibes is to enjoy the French Riviera and Saint Tropez without the traffic jams, with magnificent views and a tranquility you won’t find anywhere else. Drop anchor off the Baie des Anges, 10 minutes from Juan les Pins, or take a walk from Monaco to Saint Tropez. Everything is possible and our team will be able to advise you and inform you about any questions you may have. Don’t wait any longer to contact us!