Yacht charter: everything you need to know

Finding and chartering the best yacht for your event is a complicated task. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of chartering a yacht, as well as what to consider when making this choice. What makes chartering a yacht so special? If you are curious, then read this article!

The advantages of chartering a yacht

The main reason why companies and individuals choose to charter a yacht is its flexibility. Indeed, you can hide or modify your dockside location according to your needs and desires. In addition, by using a yacht as a venue for your event, you can create a unique and luxurious setting that can appeal to guests.

Chartering a yacht at the dock offers a variety of additional options to clients. For example, charterers can benefit from a team of qualified professionals to manage the interior design of the yacht at dockside and arrange for customized catering services. There is no limit to what a charterer can do with a dockside yacht, and this flexibility is what makes dockside yacht charter a great option for businesses and individuals.

Important considerations when chartering a yacht

One of the main concerns of clients when looking for a yacht for their event is availability. Most docked yachts are available for short-term booking, but some may not be available in time for your event. That is why it is essential to contact the yacht owner well in advance to confirm availability.

Before proceeding with a yacht charter, it is important to know the owner’s policies and rules. This includes the type of activities allowed on board, restrictions on the number of people allowed on board, etc. This information must be clearly communicated in the rental agreement to avoid misunderstandings.

Finally, it is important to check the fees associated with chartering a yacht. Rates usually vary depending on the size and model of the yacht. Once you have determined the budget you have for your event, you will need to check the price offered by the owner and compare the different offers available.

How to find the right yacht at the dock?

Nothing could be simpler, contact our team today to obtain all the information you need to rent a yacht at the dock!

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